Kool-Aid Dying Wool Roving


I have  a super easy project for you all if you’ve got some plain (boring) wool roving laying around that you’d like to spin or needle felt with and you want to add some uniqueness and fun to your project.  First of all you need to have white wool or wool from an old sheep, bt it you have black or dark brown the dye will not show up on such dark colors.


  • Large pot
  • Water
  • Various colors (flavors) of Kool-Aid.  Remember that you can mix flavors for different colors or use many of the same flavors to create a brighter color.
  • Wool in white, gray or other lighter colors


Bring water to a boil, the turn off.


2. Add your Kool-Aid packet/s stir to dissolve.


3. Add your roving, cover an let sit for about an hour and a half, until wool has absorbed color and the water appears clear.



4. Remove from pot, towel dry and hand until completely dry



Now your ready for it’s use!  I plan on spining these up on my drop spindle for a super, secret, surprize I plan on revealing soon! 

Happy dying!!!


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