I’m very much enjoying my low-whorl drop spindle, my sweet amazing great aunt gave me as a gift (along with above pictured wool).  Hand spinning happens to be so much fun, I’m really not sure if I’ll ever buy yarn again.


It seems that all family members enjoy this ancient art as well!  My middle just loves to watch me and pretend to spin along with me, he loves the colors we create and the uniqueness the spinning does to the fiber.


Hand Spinning is an art defiantly worth learning, it can be relaxing, fun, stress-releasing, and super easy and convenient (if your using a drop spindle).


One of the reasons why I love spinning so much is the ability to create a truly unique piece— by using your own handspun and hand dyed yarn, you can take an ordinary pattern and beautify it ten-fold.


How wonderful a garment made of this yarn could be?  And yet how too easy is it to just go to the big box store and grab some yarn for a knit item?  But surely it is not as fun or can bring you as much satisfaction as creating a piece from your own spun fiber.


Setting the twist 

Bonus points if you have the sheep that provided the wool for spinning (or other alternative fiber giving animal).


There are several types of tools or *machines* used for fiber spinning—- drop spindles (low whorl, high whorl, Turkish, medieval, support, Navajo, tahkli) and  spinning wheels (the Saxony, castle wheels, Norwegian wheels, modern wheels, electric spinners, and spindle wheels).  Each spiining machine or tool has it’s positives and negetives, and each one is favored by different induvials and some are better used for different types of fibers.


All spinning tools and machines can very widely on price as well, a good cost effective tool for spinning—especially suited for beginners would be a drop spindle, and particularly a high whorl one at that.  High whorls seem to be easier to learn on and can be lighter weight and easier to handle that low whorl drop spindles.


Drop spindles are a very good investment as they can easily be obtained for $20 and can give a beginner good spinning experience suitable for using a spinning wheel.


Drop spindles are also very convenient for smaller houses or for people that travel as they take up very little room and can be used virtually anywhere (and for this camping junkie, a drop spindle is invaluable after I’ve finished my breakfast and coffee on those chilly mornings).


Off the Spindle, before setting the twist

I don’t have much experience with wheels, but when our land is finalized and our sheep, goats, and rabbits have lot’s of fiber to give, then we’ll have to much too process on a small drop spindle.


what experiences have you had with spinning?  What do you like to use and why? I’m always looking for more information and stories related to spinning and fiber! 




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