On Motherhood and Redundancy

Sometimes motherhood can be painstakingly the same.  Everything can feel like pulling teeth, like life is going in both slow motion and like it’s being catapulted at full force and speed, like it could never stop.  AND of course it doesn’t.  So you get stuck in the day to day chores, and the day to day monotony of diapers, dishes and child rearing, life is the same.  

  Yet, in between those moments are moments of joy and bliss and moments that are different and will never be the same, moments that you try to capture again, but can’t because it’s like trying to grab water, the moment slips away. 

   moments like those bring us happiness and can be savored and remembered and served as reminders of what the future will hold. So in-between the redundancy of motherhood lies little gifts of renewal and joy and  other moments of love (the kind that come at you in the most unexpected ways) and those beautiful times are what keeps us mothers going.  Because without those precious occasions motherhood would be redundant.

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