On Motherhood and Moments

Today was not an especially hard day for me or anything, I didn’t even have to say to my husband “It’s been a day”.   However, today was day I spent in reflection, time to reflect hardly ever happens when you have three kids under four.


When time allows, I savior each moment I can with my kids, knowing full well that these years fly by quicker than anyone can imagine. . . Unless you’re a mom of course. 


My three precious boys, each one with their own personality and quirks and strengths and weaknesses, when there is a still moment I soak up all their busyness has to offer, and I stare in awe of these three marvelous, sweet little boys and know that giving my every ounce of love and care and attachment will hopefully in-return create amazing young men.


Sometimes when the days end up in a blur of chaotic flurry, I have to step back and breathe and remind the children to breathe as well, that before they know it, it will be bedtime and we’ve done everything we can in a day and yet nothing at all.


As I remember a typical day of busy-ness, and go-go-going, and not getting anything done and time standing still I have to saviour these special moments because when the storm (of love of course!) blows over, I’ll have nothing but the memories of these moments.


I’m loving these busy moments. . . Are you enjoying yours?

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