Handmade Doll


I had too much fun coming up with this crazy adorable dollie, crafted in the, um, Waldorf tradition?  Sure we’ll go with that. . . I won’t mention (or maybe I will) that my husband dubbed this little creation as a Waldorf doll on crack!  Thanks honey!  I won’t let that get me down seeing as though I handspun, hand-dyed, hand sewn, and hand knit her piece by piece, painstankingly through the night!!!  Yeah thanks for that hubby!


I did have fun though—- even though I lost some winks and the house stayed pretty much in a small state of disaster for a few weeks!

If you like her, check out my etsy store she’ll be there looking for a home!

Or if your in the market for other Waldorf dolls on crack, I have just the store for you Winking smile


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