Homemade Beeswax Crayons 


Our family is in big-time love with crafty-ness!  When you walk into our home that is clearly evident when you see the piles of paper, paint, yarn, tissue paper, fabric, boxes and blocks all strewn about on nearly every flat workable surface!  Thankfully all family members tolerate the mess and eventually we see the floors and dinning table when they are needed. 

For coloring our children use Stockmar beeswax block crayons for the under 3 crowd and Lyra colored pencils for the school-aged crowd.  Recently our coloring stash need to be replenished and when the very thought of using something to create with, can BE created, well that had me in search of the perfect coloring crayon recipe.  I came across this one and frankly have been more than pleased with the subtle and beautiful results that ensued. The children also greatly enjoyed the home-making of such a well used item in our art corner!

The simple recipe is as follows:

Homemade Beeswax Crayons

– 1 part grated bar of soap (Ivory works wonders)

– 1 part beeswax

– Concentrated Food coloring paste

(the food coloring paste is actually cake frosting gel, located in the baking aisle of major grocery stores)

– A washed out, clean aluminum can (as many as the colors you are going to create)

– A saucepan big enough to hold cans

– Aluminum foil

-cardboard or a mold of your choice for finished crayon design


First: cut your cardboard out in shape you want your crayons to be; for us I cut out block shapes as for block crayons and taped it together.  If you have a pre-made mold—skip this part.


Second: line your molds with aluminum foil.



Third: use shortening to cover all sides of foil.


Fourth: grate beeswax and soap set aside in bowl


Fifth: Bring water to boil, add aluminum cans

Sixth: Add grated beeswax and soap to cans and allow to melt


Seventh: Add food coloring paste (cake decorating gel) to each can, keeping in mind the whole can will make one color—to make more than one color you need more cans, soap, beeswax and colors.  Of course you can mix colors to create new ones Smile 

Eighth: Pour melted mixture to lubricated foil molds and allow to cool.

You are now done.  You can also test the colors by drawing on white sheets of paper—if you want to alter the color some, just gather the crayons and re-melt them and add more color accordingly.


Enjoy the many wonderful hours of imaginative, creative, free-thinking drawing and coloring time Smile 

Special Notes:

After all was said and done, I think I am going to try liquid soap next time— or perhaps take finished product and soak them in water and re-melt and shape them, as I found the grated soap bar bits unable to melt and leaving chunky white pieces in the crayons.  Also I will add twice the coloring, maybe even add actual food coloring itself as I found the crayons, while pretty to look at were just not dark enough to color with.

If you try this recipe out, please let me know how they turn out!


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