My life Right now:


I’m enjoying yummy baby skin.


Knitting with my two year old (notice his potty-training efforts— not so good!) brings me joy.


Enjoying my newly clean office space.  My modern hideaway laptop and shelving unit finally got a thorough wipe down!


I’m in love with this rainbow skein of yarn, purchesed from Jo-ann fabrics, at $2.00 for 165 yards of microfiber, this fingering weight will make a nb pilot hat for my shop.


These blood oranges made the best afternoon snack!


I’m beating myself up for not finishing this simple toddler sweater!  I walk by this WIP everyday near the stack of my eldest son’s books.  Soon, very soon he’ll have a warm sweater to wear on those chilly morning camping trips to CO.


I’m super satisfied with the way my first created hat pattern turned out after lot’s and lot’s of test knitting!


I’m really  regretting this four-shot steamed cold press coffee from Dunn Bro’s after have already made two latte’s  for breakfast.  The baby is STILL up at 8:30pm after having skipped his afternoon nap.  Boo.

What’s up in your life right now?

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