A Few Belated Posts in One. . .

First of all we’ve all had the flu—- including my three little ones and the baby!  Then I got mastitis, which sucked, then my milk supply tanked and I’ve been pretty much in bed with baby trying to get nursing back on track for the past few weeks on and off.  Sigh.  Spring means sickness believe it or not, this is when flu season officially starts contrary to the popular belief that Winter time brings sickies.   I like to think that while we settle down and bunk in for a long Winter, come Spring time many of us dive head first into the activities that nice weather brings, with-out fully letting our bodies and souls transition gradually into the new changing season.  This was the case for us.  Now were are back covering our heads and necks with woolens sipping warm tea and taking life easy. 

In my spare moments I’ve been preparing for Easter. I am stuffing Spring chickens with wool for my shop and our nature tablex.


These are the chickens all knit up, waiting their combs.


I’m working on a few silk Waldorf pocket dolls for my shop as well as a sweet one requested by my two-year old.  He wants one with a blankie and pillow….. working on that too!  It will be in his Easter basket!


These are some Spring legwarmers for my second EC-er.  They are made with the most absolutely delightful merino wool hand-dyed and handspun by Fuzzy Bunny Fibers it’s called *Super Coils* and it has these wonderful little coils of thick and thin goodness.  Now as I’m learning about spinning I’ve realized that the coils are created by plying the yarn and creating too much tension.  There ya go, I’m going to try that!


And there is my little guy enjoying the warm sun!  We’ve been enjoying the gentle warmth of this MN Spring sun!


As I’ve been out of the bloggy loop from our illnesses for quite awhile what have you all been up too?

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