A Magical Spring Hike


A chilly day in MN will not get our spirits down when in fact, we’ve been stuck in our homes all freezing Winter long and have been down (our spirits that is) anyhow.  We were determined to have a good day after battling illness and boobie issues!  So we set out on a hike of sorts.  Our family are big-time hikers, campers, backpackers and inborn explorers, so naturally a fun day for us would be a lunch cooked in open flames and a leisurely closed-loop hike.  The three of us pictured above was the best picture of all three of us we could find since it was so cold most pictures were of us shivering!


I swear this was in-between chatters of teeth!



My four boys!  You can’t tell hubby is holding the weest one!


My littles are so imaginative and creative!  The eldest found some sticks, a log and declared that he ad his little brother are on a row boat!  The sticks were their paddles!  I love it!


Nobody can resist taking pictures of wee little newborns!


As for some daily creative pursuits I have been spinning more blue wool for some longies the weest one needs before we head out to CO on the 17th.


And finally. . . I’ve been on my Easter project countdown!  So many WIP so little time! 


I intend to keep up with my blog since lately I’ve been so absent, but as the Easter holiday approches my days become quite busy with crafts, cleaning, and baking.  So if I’m gone a for a few days I’m wither sweeping, in the kitchen or at the table busily keeping up with the season!

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