Spring? WIP Wednesday

Spring has arrived hasn’t it?  Urgh, we all awoke (grumpy) this morning to the lovely sight of snow. Again.  Sigh.  And every year when the temp dips below 30 degrees I swear one more time that we are never living in this state again!  Yesterday we enjoyed the zoo as a family, meandering in and out of the tropics of Cancer and the tropics of Capricorn loving all the unique vegetation and animals that there and wishing why on earth aren’t we living more southward!?!  Alas we are here and again we are going to have a great day!!!  Even as the snow falls down in inches on the 20th of April!  Lot’s of fun projects for today: more fun for me than the kids, my mom is coming over so I can take a nap (staying up for hours last night nursing a baby that did not want to de-latch was not fun. No.  Then we are going to finish up Easter gifts, start our super fun math art project (a Icosahedron mobile using Euler’s formula to figure out the number of sides) I also plan on finishing knitting my baby’s Spring pixie bonnet, the baby’s super soft, merino legwarmers and iron Easter linens and right now; make oodles and oodles of coffee—-with lot’s of cream and sugar!  I’ll leave you all with some recent projects that are my newest WIP all finished!


More knot dolls!  These are so much fun and soooo easy!


My first sweater!  Complete!  It turned out so gosh darn cute I can’t stand it!  More pics on that later!


A knit bunny going in the children’s Easter baskets!  This was a quick knit and super cute and easy! Rav notes here. What projects are on your table today?

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