On Motherhood and…  Changes:

Well it’s been awhile.  I have some good excuses though… Life has taken a turn of unforeseen events leading up to a big life changing move!  Our intent, our families goal, is to purchase a large plot of land in CO and move our family there to build a homestead where we can raise our babies and animals and food in the nature loving bliss that God has provided for us.  We intend to pay cash for everything as we are almost out of debt (including a mortgage) and we have vowed to remain debt free and we are committed. Slowly but surely we planned to get there, this year we thought we’d be there, but finances just didn’t quite allow this (sure we could get a loan for some land and financing for construction but being debt free is our priority) so we wait.  Until my husband got an amazing job offer with his company in southern Ohio.  The job offer was an incredible blessing to us as it is a large pay increase, plus many more benefits, and the chance to relocate without having to pay for it, plus we will be renting, which is very affordable since the cost of living in OH is 22% cheaper than in MN. 

Overall this has been a great decision for our family as it allows us to save over $700 a month to put into our savings for out land and building. 

With these great changes comes some strong emotion.  Particularly with my 2 year old who is dealing with typical 2 year old independence/interdependence and a life changing move at the same time—which you know has been lovely for our family!  With love and gentle discipline, family support and God we will be able to navigate these changes smoothly.

I hope to update when I can as this will become a place where our family can gather to see the grandkids and where friends come to see our loved ones.

~Samantha + Family


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