Whittling a Wooden Spoon


I greatly enjoy whittling wood.  It is a lost art, one of which is very soothing and calming to the soul, it busies the hands and provides time for reflectiveness— a thing I don’t often have time for.  I also enjoy making things by hand for my children.  When my weest expressed interest in solids, I though a first spoon was in order!  Down to my studio for some much needed creativeness!



  • Found wood— preferably a soft-ish type— in 6in x 1nc branch style (not rotting!)
  • A set of wood whittlers
  • A dark pen/marker for outlining
  • Sandpaper
  • Beeswax 

About a half an hour of time

Gather your supplies, and create a space where you can get a bit messy!  There will be wood shavings all around!  I took my materials out of my studio and brought them to the couch (yes it’s white, but I was arm’s reach from my Dyson!) Get comfortable and grab the marker and mark out where you will be carving the spoon.


Notice my red line?

Start carving away at the branch opposite from your body!  Don’t learn that obvious rule like I did!  Ouch!


Keep whittling until it resembles a spoon. IMG_3078


Gouge out the middle part of the spoon towards one side of the branch at the end.


Whittle until wood resembles a spoon, sand smooth and finish with beeswax!







Celebrating, faith, family, fertility, the beauty and newness of Spring and the joyous resurrection of Jesus!













Happy Belated Earth Day, Good

Friday and Happy Early Easter!

Easter projects are in full swing as we meet our deadline luncheon tomorrow at 2!  As you can imagine cleaning is on my list, but ever so hard to complete will littles (and very little ones I mean) in tow.  We will do the best we can, but mostly we enjoy crafting and cooking and other busyness as opposed to cleaning!  I was born on Good Friday some odd 20 some years ago, and it’s always special to me, as we celebrate Jesus’s death for us on the cross and of course tomorrow as he is resurrected! But no matter how religious or not you are, I hope this weekend finds you well as you gather with your family and friends and enjoy each other’s company… as life is short as you know!


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A Child’s First Meal:

Our littlest one is by no means ready for his first meal, he thoroughly enjoys his mama’s milk, but he is very interested in the workings of the family meal. Breast milk is the best first meal for a little one, the addition of wholesome foods should ideally complement milk and not be instead of nursing (if you are in fact nursing— no judgments here, however breast milk is best). So I handed him his first bowl and spoon (which I made— more on that later) and let him explore the textures and weight of a simple wooden meal set.

We normally set the table at supper time— baby is no exception! It is a very cherished ritual that our family has come to enjoy greatly.  The simple act of placing placemats, ironing a tablecloth and grabbing utensils is a lost homemaking art, gone with the wind like having church clothes reserved for observing Sundays,  hanging clothing out on the line, playing a card game or even reading a book by candlelight.  Someday soon I hope to see these in fashion again.


This new experience has brought some much needed suppertime peace— as you can imagine the distraction of a baby has made our meals much quieter!


He loves his suppertime set!  I wonder how long he can play with it until he wants some ACTUAL food?

The other children love having the baby actually sitting up and seeing us while eating! Something about the baby sitting in his own chair makes him seem more like a little person and less like a baby!

I’ve been reading up on baby-led weaning, first solids, the importance of the first meal being a health-full one, and nursing in general. All of which have my mind spinning, and wandering on all things nutrition and health—- particularly from an Anthroposophical viewpoint. It all makes sense and it all merits more in-depth learning on my part.


However, here I will discuss the wondrous first beginnings of a child’s first meal.  Of equal importance is how and what the food is served in.  We choose wooden bowls finished with beeswax, which are then hand washed.  I make a lot of our bowls, spoons, knives ect. myself from birch, maple and other such hardwoods.  No plastic, even metal (to cold, and alters the taste of food) in my house.  We own no microwave and had to laugh when we bought a wooden kitchen that indeed had  microwave on top— both my children had no idea what it was and asked why someone would have to ovens one on bottom and one on top and why was it so small!

First foods should not be cereal but instead whole foods based such as an organic banana, sweet-potato, or avocado. Above all foods should complement the nursing relationship and be a pleasurable family centered experience!  A good book on the topic is called:  Nutrition: Food, Health and Spiritual development by Rudolf Steiner and Whole Foods for the Whole Family by LLL International. Of course follow your own intuition in regards to your own beautiful child!

Spring? WIP Wednesday

Spring has arrived hasn’t it?  Urgh, we all awoke (grumpy) this morning to the lovely sight of snow. Again.  Sigh.  And every year when the temp dips below 30 degrees I swear one more time that we are never living in this state again!  Yesterday we enjoyed the zoo as a family, meandering in and out of the tropics of Cancer and the tropics of Capricorn loving all the unique vegetation and animals that there and wishing why on earth aren’t we living more southward!?!  Alas we are here and again we are going to have a great day!!!  Even as the snow falls down in inches on the 20th of April!  Lot’s of fun projects for today: more fun for me than the kids, my mom is coming over so I can take a nap (staying up for hours last night nursing a baby that did not want to de-latch was not fun. No.  Then we are going to finish up Easter gifts, start our super fun math art project (a Icosahedron mobile using Euler’s formula to figure out the number of sides) I also plan on finishing knitting my baby’s Spring pixie bonnet, the baby’s super soft, merino legwarmers and iron Easter linens and right now; make oodles and oodles of coffee—-with lot’s of cream and sugar!  I’ll leave you all with some recent projects that are my newest WIP all finished!


More knot dolls!  These are so much fun and soooo easy!


My first sweater!  Complete!  It turned out so gosh darn cute I can’t stand it!  More pics on that later!


A knit bunny going in the children’s Easter baskets!  This was a quick knit and super cute and easy! Rav notes here. What projects are on your table today?

A Magical Spring Hike


A chilly day in MN will not get our spirits down when in fact, we’ve been stuck in our homes all freezing Winter long and have been down (our spirits that is) anyhow.  We were determined to have a good day after battling illness and boobie issues!  So we set out on a hike of sorts.  Our family are big-time hikers, campers, backpackers and inborn explorers, so naturally a fun day for us would be a lunch cooked in open flames and a leisurely closed-loop hike.  The three of us pictured above was the best picture of all three of us we could find since it was so cold most pictures were of us shivering!


I swear this was in-between chatters of teeth!



My four boys!  You can’t tell hubby is holding the weest one!


My littles are so imaginative and creative!  The eldest found some sticks, a log and declared that he ad his little brother are on a row boat!  The sticks were their paddles!  I love it!


Nobody can resist taking pictures of wee little newborns!


As for some daily creative pursuits I have been spinning more blue wool for some longies the weest one needs before we head out to CO on the 17th.


And finally. . . I’ve been on my Easter project countdown!  So many WIP so little time! 


I intend to keep up with my blog since lately I’ve been so absent, but as the Easter holiday approches my days become quite busy with crafts, cleaning, and baking.  So if I’m gone a for a few days I’m wither sweeping, in the kitchen or at the table busily keeping up with the season!

A Few Belated Posts in One. . .

First of all we’ve all had the flu—- including my three little ones and the baby!  Then I got mastitis, which sucked, then my milk supply tanked and I’ve been pretty much in bed with baby trying to get nursing back on track for the past few weeks on and off.  Sigh.  Spring means sickness believe it or not, this is when flu season officially starts contrary to the popular belief that Winter time brings sickies.   I like to think that while we settle down and bunk in for a long Winter, come Spring time many of us dive head first into the activities that nice weather brings, with-out fully letting our bodies and souls transition gradually into the new changing season.  This was the case for us.  Now were are back covering our heads and necks with woolens sipping warm tea and taking life easy. 

In my spare moments I’ve been preparing for Easter. I am stuffing Spring chickens with wool for my shop and our nature tablex.


These are the chickens all knit up, waiting their combs.


I’m working on a few silk Waldorf pocket dolls for my shop as well as a sweet one requested by my two-year old.  He wants one with a blankie and pillow….. working on that too!  It will be in his Easter basket!


These are some Spring legwarmers for my second EC-er.  They are made with the most absolutely delightful merino wool hand-dyed and handspun by Fuzzy Bunny Fibers it’s called *Super Coils* and it has these wonderful little coils of thick and thin goodness.  Now as I’m learning about spinning I’ve realized that the coils are created by plying the yarn and creating too much tension.  There ya go, I’m going to try that!


And there is my little guy enjoying the warm sun!  We’ve been enjoying the gentle warmth of this MN Spring sun!


As I’ve been out of the bloggy loop from our illnesses for quite awhile what have you all been up too?

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