Whittling a Wooden Spoon


I greatly enjoy whittling wood.  It is a lost art, one of which is very soothing and calming to the soul, it busies the hands and provides time for reflectiveness— a thing I don’t often have time for.  I also enjoy making things by hand for my children.  When my weest expressed interest in solids, I though a first spoon was in order!  Down to my studio for some much needed creativeness!



  • Found wood— preferably a soft-ish type— in 6in x 1nc branch style (not rotting!)
  • A set of wood whittlers
  • A dark pen/marker for outlining
  • Sandpaper
  • Beeswax 

About a half an hour of time

Gather your supplies, and create a space where you can get a bit messy!  There will be wood shavings all around!  I took my materials out of my studio and brought them to the couch (yes it’s white, but I was arm’s reach from my Dyson!) Get comfortable and grab the marker and mark out where you will be carving the spoon.


Notice my red line?

Start carving away at the branch opposite from your body!  Don’t learn that obvious rule like I did!  Ouch!


Keep whittling until it resembles a spoon. IMG_3078


Gouge out the middle part of the spoon towards one side of the branch at the end.


Whittle until wood resembles a spoon, sand smooth and finish with beeswax!







Celebrating, faith, family, fertility, the beauty and newness of Spring and the joyous resurrection of Jesus!













WIP: Spring Projects

With Spring FINALLY rolling in, WE HAVE LOT’S OF PROJECTS ON OUR PLATES!  This was supposed to be yesterday’s post….opps!  But we’ve been busy indoors with lot’s of arts and crafty things like a star lantern to celebrate Easter with.  It’s been a great math project for the older because we have been studying shapes and measurement.  Soon a tutorial will follow.


I’ve been busy crafting more Waldorf Dolls in my spare time— when I haven’t been knitting, painting, homeschooling, changing diapers or nursing that is! These will go in my shop, certainly check out what’s there if you are interested.


Starting seeds!  Heirloom German Pink to be exact.



Finished knitting and felting this diaper cover I just need to needle felt some embelshments to complete this project.


Knitting up a Spring bunny for our handmade Easter celebration.



What projects are you working on?

On Motherhood and Redundancy

Sometimes motherhood can be painstakingly the same.  Everything can feel like pulling teeth, like life is going in both slow motion and like it’s being catapulted at full force and speed, like it could never stop.  AND of course it doesn’t.  So you get stuck in the day to day chores, and the day to day monotony of diapers, dishes and child rearing, life is the same.  

  Yet, in between those moments are moments of joy and bliss and moments that are different and will never be the same, moments that you try to capture again, but can’t because it’s like trying to grab water, the moment slips away. 

   moments like those bring us happiness and can be savored and remembered and served as reminders of what the future will hold. So in-between the redundancy of motherhood lies little gifts of renewal and joy and  other moments of love (the kind that come at you in the most unexpected ways) and those beautiful times are what keeps us mothers going.  Because without those precious occasions motherhood would be redundant.

On Motherhood and Sleep

  Between making meals, wiping faces, changing diapers, cleaning up toys, getting them dressed and wiping butts, there is no doubt motherhood can be trying.  When you factor in the sleep (or lack of it) issue things can go from trying, to down right exhausting and at times unbearable. When you add multiple children to the mix, things can get difficult and sometimes hard to cope with.  It’s important to know there are real scientific reasons why babies and children don’t *sleep through the night* and it’s also important to know everyone’s definition of *sleeping through the night* can vary, But when your in the thick of real sleep deprivation those dreaded words *is your baby sleeping through the night?* can be devastating. 

  First of all we are mammals and ideally mammals nurse their young.  If you are a nursing mom you know how frequent your baby will wake to nurse and how tired you probably feel in the morning, but instead of thinking about night weaning to get some extra z’s, consider this: Babies *sleeping through the night* may not be biologically fit to survive.  Babies who wake during the night are ensuring their needs for food, drink, warmth and air are met, thus staying alive.*  Also as the notable pediatrician Dr. Sears points out: infant needs of comfort at any age, is just as legitimate as his physical needs and should be responded to regardless if it’s inconvenient for the parents.*  And it can be quite inconvenient for the mamas out there up and attached and responding to their little ones. 

   I remind myself often that these will days will be fleeting and before I know it the littles that wake so often will soon be moved out of the house.  The point of this post is to one: inform the general public that contrary to popular beliefs, babies are not designed to sleep for long periods at night and sleeping through the night can actually be harmful to babies (at this point I will mention that a very small of babies do so called *sleep through the night* and have turned out just amazing— not all babies die of SIDS or other tragic event from sleeping through the night).  The second point of this post is to offer coping ideas.

  I think it’s also of importance to reveal to the public that I am a rare breed of non-sleeping highly functional people that just have the energy to make do with little to no sleep.  But I would say that is pretty unrealistic to most people, to be this functional—- so I am going to offer some helpful tips on coping with sleep deprivation. 

  I think that best advice that has gotten me through some pretty rough patches is the knowledge that it really is short lived.  Most babies, toddlers and children outgrow their sleep/wake cycle and eventually establish a more predictable sleep schedule.   Which can be hard to remember when your in the thick of night waking— but it’s good to keep this knowledge in the back of your mind.  For especially rough nights (a baby’s growth spurt and increase need for nursing sessions, a sick toddler, a feverish child) I let go of all expectations for the following day.  Play dates, grocery store runs, the morning jog—- even just playing outside can all get moved to the back burner while I recuperate.  Usually this just means taking it easy, I try to eat nourishing meals and snacks— ones that provide lot’s calories and carbs.  The carbs provide me with lot’s of energy and the calories are replaced from a long night of nursing.  And while I don’t recommend this, I live my days energetically due to high amounts of caffeine from my brewed stovetop espresso maker and when I add cream and sugar it really tops off my morning regardless of how rough it was.  If you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, on rough nights I recommend two cups!!  Also upon getting up in the morning it is very important to grab a moment of *me* time before jumping in head first into parenting especially after a long night of wakefulness.  For me that means (and this I don’t recommend unless you’re a person like me) I try to wake up between 4 and 4:30am to get a nice two hours of time to myself before the kids wake up.  It’s nice to gather my thoughts, prepare food for the day, tidy a bit, watch the news, read the paper, and for my family that means I also take care of business.  Blog articles are written in peace with plenty of time for research, my ETSY store is updated and maintained, and I have a nice amount of time left over before the kids wake up to complete my doula training homework.  Other things that help after a particularly rough night are chocolate, letting the kids watch a bit of teevee, and taking a nap when two of the three littles are napping.

  And while times are trying when the babies are little and demanding I know I will miss the teensy-ness of this stage!

IMG_0308 *The best thing in the world is a sleeping baby* But I still find that when this one is awake I just can’t get enough!


What are some things you do to recover after a long night with your little ones?