WIP: Spring Projects

With Spring FINALLY rolling in, WE HAVE LOT’S OF PROJECTS ON OUR PLATES!  This was supposed to be yesterday’s post….opps!  But we’ve been busy indoors with lot’s of arts and crafty things like a star lantern to celebrate Easter with.  It’s been a great math project for the older because we have been studying shapes and measurement.  Soon a tutorial will follow.


I’ve been busy crafting more Waldorf Dolls in my spare time— when I haven’t been knitting, painting, homeschooling, changing diapers or nursing that is! These will go in my shop, certainly check out what’s there if you are interested.


Starting seeds!  Heirloom German Pink to be exact.



Finished knitting and felting this diaper cover I just need to needle felt some embelshments to complete this project.


Knitting up a Spring bunny for our handmade Easter celebration.



What projects are you working on?


Simple Knot Doll


My little boys really do love their dolls! My middle one especially loves taking care of his little babies, taking great care as if he was really the daddy of a live, little, wee one.  It is very sweet to watch the nurturing unfold as they both have experienced being nurtured first hand by their parents.



There is nothing more important to a child’s developing senses than a traditional doll in the simplest form. With a doll, important childhood work can emerge as the child learns the act of love, responsibility and caregiving at it’s finest. Giving a doll to a child is an amazing gift— and ironically doesn’t have to be expensive or even store bought.


(Okay this is not a knot doll, but my middle will wrap up any *baby* in this case it’s his kitty)

I usually start my littles with a simple knot doll.  The knot doll serves two purposes: one is that it’s simple for the littlest child, as a younger one doesn’t need a doll with a distinct face, clothing or even pose able limbs.  Secondly, is the knot’s serve as a teething function and as a tactile piece that often occupies a little one for hours.



I make my knot dolls out of soft cotton flannel, but I have also made them out of quilter’s fabric, and recycled cotton knit, all said fabrics work good, each with their own pluses and minuses. I also stuff them with warm un-carded wool and use silk embroidery floss for tying off the head.



When I present them to my little children they adore them as they have seen mama busy with the handwork creating, these simple dollies out of love.

Materials needed:

  • 12×12 inch cotton flannel, soft quilter’s fabric, or silk
  • silk or cotton embroidery floss
  • clean un-carded sheep’s wool
  • Scissors



Gather some wool and ball with your hands in the middle of the piece of fabric to create the head.

Tie off with floss and knot tightly.

gather hands on opposite sides and tie small knots creating hands.

Cut bottom evening to create body.



Allow your children to see you making these, even ask older children to help create these dollies and the end result will sure to be a lovey your littles will treasure!


Sew much Knitting!


My sweet grandmother brought lot’s of her vintage fabric stash for me to pick over and find some fun fabrics to re-cover my dining room chairs! Imagine my surprise when nearly all of her stash is as lovely and beautiful as the memories that go with it.  Each piece a wonderful memory from her childhood, her motherhood, her farm life.


I even scored a wee piece of fabric that was soft and sweet and just happened to be a part of her maternity shirt that she made when she was pregnant with my mom. 


I am savoring each unique piece she brought over and delighting in the fact that all of her memories and timetables in her life are now back to the future, dusted off and re-purposed into  new much loved and much used dining room chair covers.


I have fond memories of my own involving her fabric stash.  I think a lot of little girls, now finding themselves creative mothers, have memories of their own mothers or grandmothers teaching them how to sew, knit or crochet.


My grandmother taught me how to sew and whenever I visited her home I headed right to her fabric trunk and pulled out all types of fun pieces.


things that I imagined would some day be a dress or pants or a blouse, or even chairs like my mom had.  How ironic is it, that the very same fabric I envisioned would someday be a chair or pillow will now be a chair and if I have enough fabric left over—- a pillow.



I also have other ideas for leftover vintage fabric that I’d like to tackle this year.  Baby crib shoes, a diaper bag, a Spring skirt for myself, a Spring skirt for an upcoming birthday present, pillows, table runner, placemats, napkins.


Ouy!  Lot’s of sewing!  Which leads me into my next topic!!!  Besides sewing which I absolutely adore comes knitting.  I love, love, love, knitting!!


I am almost finished with my first ever sweater!!  You’d think that after knitting for 10+ years I’d have knitted quite a few of these—- but no!   So lot’s of knitting in my future!



What fun projects are in your future?  Do share!

Five-Year old Quilt?


When my eldest was but a teensy bean in my belly, I started a quilt.  A simple one.  Three inch by three inch little squares.  It’s destiny was to become my little one’s crib blanket, one used while he was snug in his little bed.


As my pregnancy progressed I started to loose steam in my project and soon it was in the proverbial back burner.  It has remained there ever since.


My eldest birthday is drawing near and two more babies later, I can’t help but think about the little quilt once started with dreams of sheep, several years ago.  Will I finish it in time or will the back burner remain on low for a little while longer?



What projects have you started and have yet to finish?  What’s holding you back?